Horoscope Matching

Most of the couple search on internet with their names to look how will be fortune if married. The curiosity is one thing but if you are really looking for someone to consider for marriage you can take advice from Ashok Prajapati who is working in the field of astrology with passion.

How will be life together

If you really want to know how will be your married life with someone you can expect a deep study of your horoscopes. Based on your horoscope astrologer Ashok Prajapati will tell you about your chemistry if there is any problem with the relationship, nothing will be hide from you. Just clear cut predictions no plastic coated ready-made prediction.

If not matched what are the solutions

If anyhow your horoscope is not matching with your partner you will get clear solutions. For example if you have any issue like…

  • Nadi dosha or Bhakoot Dosha.
  • Manglik Dosha or Kuj Dosha.
  • Gun Milan points less than 18.
  • Gun Milan points less than 12.
  • Gun Milan Points less than 8.
  • Shadashtak Yoga.
  • Markesh Dasha.

Just send your complete birth details so we can analyse the problem.

Most of the time when Nadi Dosha exists we check from Moon sign, Ascendant Lord or Nakshatra Lord are same or not. If same the Nadi Dosha cancelled.

When Mars is situated in 1, 4, 7, 8, 12th house your partner’s horoscope must have Mars in the above places. If not we check other aspects like strong Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or powerful 7th house lord. Even there are many other rules to be check.

Any kind of dosha solution is in Ascendant Lord, Moon Sign Lord & Sun position in your horoscope so do not rush for your readings & let us analyze what your horoscope is saying.

Planets and stars have great impact on the life of a person and effect the decision made by him. This holds true for marriage as well. Most of the people have faith in astrology and believe that marriage decision could be taken with its help. One such method that helps in this process of deciding whether or not two people are compatible to each other is kundali matching.

The relation of love between two people is beautiful and changes their life. This progresses in the direction of marriage and to make sure that the relationship will remain strong after marriage as well, one can take the help of kundlai matching. This help to avoid the problem such as differences and divorce like conditions in the relation.

In marriage arrangement, kundali matching is considered to be an important practice since the ancient times. On the basis of date of birth and time of birth of both the individuals, different nakshatras and rashi are checked before coming to the decision of marriage. If there is match in the qualities than it is believed that the couple will lead a happy married life.

In total, there are 36 points on which compatibility is checked. The minimum of 18 points match is required for a successful and happy relationship. If the match points are less than 18 than it indicates that there might be problem, stress and differences in the relation.

The deepest facts and truths about could be reflected by the kundali of a person if it is prepared accurately. The negative and positive aspects, weaknesses and strengths etc. are reflected by kundali of the person. The future, past and presentof a person i.e. his entire life is represented by his kundali. The personality, attributes and traits are defined for the person.

The marriage success is assured by kundali matching and therefore it is considered important before making final decision of marriage. Everyone wish for a happy and contented life and want to avoid the problems and hassle. For this reason, they consider kundali matching important. To help people in making proper marriage related decisions, astrologer Ashok Prajapati is here with years of experience and knowledge of this field. He offers kundali marching reports on the basis of kundali of two people who are looking forward to marry each other.

Kundali matching is done so as to make decision as whether or not tying knot with each other is favorable for two people. This might lead to outcomes such as the two people can tie knot with each other as they are compatible or the two might tie a knot but have to take proper care to maintain the relation or that the two are not at all compatible and should avoid marrying with each other.

Astrologer Ashok Prajapati is here to help people in their decisions of marriage. He has offered kundali matching report to several people that havehelped them to decide for their future and tie knot with the perfect life partner.

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