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Guru Vedic

Hi This is Ashok Prajapati an astrologer from India, Ambala. I am dedicated to my clients for predictions & consultation through this website and Horoscope India. Myself as owner of Horoscope India or www.horoscope-india.com always try to come up with unique & creative astrology rules.

Astrology is a divine practice and I, Ashok Prajapati am doing this practice as astrology for many years. As, unlike many contemporary astrologers, I have not inherited this divine science but blessed with the same as God gift. From child hood, I have been doing the horoscope reading and have seen the life through planets. As, due to materialism , I worked as I.T. professional on lucrative package but the destiny and my well wishers’ blessings made me the astrologer. Even during that period of transition, I read the people’s life as an Astrologer and found that luck has a vital role to play in human being’ life as many undeserving people have been ruling the deserved ones and vice versa.

I consider the Astrology as science based on calculations. Even the planets in horoscope are not final as the same can be changed or molded by the Inner Voice of the human being. Good deeds increase the power of predictions as Good deeds (Shubh karma) can also do miracle in life. Astrology being a divine practice gives positive results with the blessings of others and due to this words comes true. Calculations, knowledge and practical experience make the prediction accurate. Good deeds (Shubh karma) really do miracle in life.

…this is my own experience:

No doubt, it is true that the Astrology is a blessing of God and very few fortunate people get the same. I believe in spreading the knowledge so that the same should not get finished after me. Further, I try to do justice with this divine duty as the same is based on faith and belief. Money minting is not my mission as the same could have been done in my earlier job and I believe in utmost satisfaction of the devotee and for this reason I even return the fee if the devote don’t feel satisfied .

I hope to cater the need of the needful persons through this divine science till l the God keeps its blessing on me.