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Hi This is Ashok Prajapati an astrologer from India, Ambala. I am dedicated to my clients for predictions & consultation through this website and Horoscope India. Myself as owner of Horoscope India or www.horoscope-india.com always try to come up with unique & creative astrology rules.

Astrology is a divine practice and I, Ashok Prajapati am doing this practice as astrology for many years. As, unlike many contemporary astrologers, I have not inherited this divine science but blessed with the same as God gift. From child hood, I have been doing the horoscope reading and have seen the life through planets. As, due to materialism , I worked as I.T. professional on lucrative package but the destiny and my well wishers’ blessings made me the astrologer. Even during that period of transition, I read the people’s life as an Astrologer and found that luck has a vital role to play in human being’ life as many undeserving people have been ruling the deserved ones and vice versa.


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Marriage Prediction

Marriage is one of the biggest events in the life of a person that marks the beginning of new life and joins two people in a lifetime relationship. This serves to be the bonding of two people and their families. This is the reason why marriage decision must be taken carefully as so many lives are connected to it. Marriage prediction is one such method that is helpful is taking proper decision.

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Career Prediction

One of the significant parts in the life of a person is career that decides the quality of life that one can lead. Career prediction is the reading that can change the attitude and thinking of a person and can eventually brings positive changes in his life. Life brings several options to opt for but which one can lead to success is important. In this decision, career horoscope serves to be helpful by giving the knowledge regarding proper career path.

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Horoscope Matching

Most of the couple search on internet with their names to look how will be fortune if married. The curiosity is one thing but if you are really looking for someone to consider for marriage you can take advice from Ashok Prajapati who is working in the field of astrology with passion.

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Gemstone Consutation

One of the most sacred gifts received by humans from ancient saints is astrology, the practice that can guide for every single facet of life. Out of the several planets, some are malefic for a person while some are beneficial. These impact the life of a person in many ways. It is important that the beneficial planets become stronger and the malefic ones are made weak so that the negative impacts could be avoided. In this purpose, the thing that acts as a remedy is gemstones. From the ancient times, gemstones are serving as astrology’s significant part and if proper gemstone is used than the negative impacts could be reduced.

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